Regular readers of the Prescription Access Litigation Blog will have noticed that things have been quiet around here lately, despite no shortage of interesting news. As a small nonprofit, sometimes we get too busy to blog.

So what better to satisfy your cravings for PAL blog news than a bit of tooting our own horn?

Joseph Paduda, the blogger at Managed Care Matters, recently did an entry on our class action lawsuit against First Databank and McKesson, and San Francisco’s recent lawsuit against same.

Joe had this to say about PAL:

The PAL folks are tenacious, well-funded, and allied with, among other heavy hitters, AARP. While tiny, their ability to win cases, highlight possible illegal activity and focus attention on their cause is impressive.

Thanks, Joe! All of the above is true except the “well-funded” part. If you, dear readers, would like to help make that part true, please donate to PAL.

Also from the Tooting-our-own-Horn Department: It’s the PAL Blog’s 1st Birthday! We started this blog a year ago, and it’s been an interesting ride. Our one-year-old blog can now walk, and is babbling and using simple one-syllable words. While we haven’t attained the status, or notoriety, or posting-frequency of pharma blogger stars such as Pharmalot or Pharmagossip, we’ve occupied an important niche in the pharmaceutical blogosphere, representing an important consumer perspective.

What would you like to see us cover in the coming year? Let us know in the comments. And thanks for reading!