In the final showdown at the NAIC meeting, Insurance Commissioners listened to consumer advocates and took a firm stand on medical loss ratios (MLRs). After a furious week of lobbying by both the insurance industry and consumer advocates, the MLR definition passed without any amendments. This is a critical win that underscores the importance and influence of consumer advocacy on implementation decisions.

The amendments were filed on two issues — national aggregation (filed by Florida) and broker fees (by Ohio) — but were withdrawn after discussion among the Commissioners. An amendment on the most contested issue of late, credibility adjustments (also filed by Ohio), failed to pass by a vote of 34 to 19 (with one abstention).

The final vote to support the MLR definition was unanimous — thanks in large part to the hard work of consumer representatives on the NAIC and advocates around the country who supported them and reached out to their Commissioners on these issues.

Congratulations to all who worked to ensure this victory. It is a great example of how a concerted effort by consumers can have great impact! Next step: HHS approval!

— Christine Barber, Senior Policy Analyst