Back in March, we reported that 11 defendants in the massive In re Pharmaceutical Industry Average Wholesale Price Litigation case had agreed to settle the case against them for $125 million (11 drug companies settle AWP allegations for $125 Million“). The Court hearing the case granted “preliminary approval” to that settlement this Summer, and now notices are being sent out to certain people on Medicare, published in a number of newspapers and magazines, and even being broadcast on TV (you might have seen these ads if you were watching MSNBC during the conventions).

The case alleged that several dozen drug companies illegally inflated the price of prescription drugs that are administered in doctor’s offices (i.e. usually through injections or IVs). Consumers who paid a percentage co-payment for any of these approximately 200 drugs (see here for the list) are eligible to submit claims forms to get a reimbursement from the settlement. Claims forms must be postmarked or received by January 31, 2009. The drugs are primarily for the treatment of different types of cancer, HIV, allergies, infections, inflammation, pain, gastrointestinal problems and lung and blood issues.

Consumers who are eligible to receive payments from the settlement include both people on Medicare Part B (who received a yellow post card in the mail) and people not on Medicare (who need to file a claim form that can be downloaded from the settlement website or requested by calling 877-465-8136.

Details of the settlement, how to file claims, how to exclude yourself, etc, can be found at or by calling 877-465-8136.