Deadline for claims in the $125 Million settlement of the AWP litigation is this week!

You may be eligible for payment if you received a physician-administered drug between January 1, 1991 and January 1, 2005 for the treatment of different types of cancer, HIV, allergies, infections, inflammation, pain, gastrointestinal problems and lung and blood issues. The following 200 prescription drugs, listed at were usually, but not always, administered in doctor’s offices (i.e. usually through injections or IVs).

You are eligible to file a claim for a reimbursement from the settlemen if you paid a percentage co-payment for any of these 200 drugs. This includes both people on Medicare Part B (who should have received a yellow post card in the mail) and people not on Medicare (who need to file a claim form that can be downloaded from the settlement website at or requested by calling 877-465-8136.)

Your claim form must be postmarked or received by this Saturday, January 31, 2009.

A spouse of a deceased consumer who made such a co-payment or a legal representative of a deceased consumer’s estate may file a claim in the place of the deceased consumer.

The payments are the result of a $125 million settlement that dealt with consumers being over-charged for the prescription drugs. Back in September, 2008, Prescription Access Litigation reported that 11 defendant pharmaceutical drug manufacturers in the In re Pharmaceutical Industry Average Wholesale Price Litigation lawsuit had agreed to settle the case for $125 million. The lawsuit alleged that several dozen drug companies illegally inflated the price of these and other prescription drugs.

Details of the settlement, claim forms, and information on how to file a claim can be found at or by calling 877-465-8136.

Further information on the lawsuit is available at