Though health care reform has always been subject to the political tides, the political and legal challenges to reform legislation and its successful passage are rising. As supporters of reform who work with great advocates around the country,  we’re rising too (to the occasion) — here are two tools to help your reform work right now:

Making the economic case for health care reform

Sure, the Senate health care reform bill will help families save between $500 and $7000 a year on health insurance premiums, will limit out-of-pocket costs, and will cover 31 million uninsured people — Old News! But did you know the Senate bill is also good for the Economy? This fact sheet tells why. Download and share it.

Fighting the legal challenges facing national reform

And while the federal debate moves ahead, reform opponents in the states are already mounting constitutional and legislative challenges. Our new paper looks at these legal challenges and their political context, and offers talking points and organizing suggestions to respond, so you’ll be ready for Law & Order: Health Care Reform Unit!

–Kate Petersen,  Health Policy Hub