•    Mark Senak over at Eye on FDA says, “Wait, wait, wait… WHAT?” to news that FDA is working on an industry guidance for Apps:

“There is no direct quote from anyone at FDA on this, but the report is certainly a surprise, to say the least, to anyone who has followed the agency’s tortuous pathway to the development of some guidance – any guidance – on the Internet and social media,” Senak writes, recounting the agency’s Tour-de-France length saga around developing marketing regs for the brave, online world.

•    Howard Brody over at the Hooked blog has a week of posts worth reading:

He looks at the CNN pro-con on using off-label atypical antipsychotics with elderly dementia patients, and asks whether due to the risk of weight gain that could trigger diabetes, would we be better off using older therapies about which more is known? (Here.)

He also spotted a good Guardian blog on medical ghostwriting, and wonders whether disclosure may have backfired a bit, validating a less-than-toward practice with “an aura of transparency.” (Here.)

•    And Derek Lowe over at In the Pipeline muses on the risks of the “outsource-the-whole-thing” drug development model that’s been written about recently, and how Pfizer’s eagerness to split processes and outsource the science to teams in China “may be carrying specialization one crucial step too far.”

–Kate Petersen, PostScript blogger