Prescription Access Litigation’s parent organization, Community Catalyst, launched a new program this summer in conjunction with the Alosa Foundation called Generics are Powerful Medicine. Generics are Powerful Medicine (GPM) is a national project to educate consumers about the safety, value and effectiveness of generic drugs. In 11 states, community organizations partnering with GPM are actively conducting outreach to low-income and uninsured populations to provide information and education on generic drugs.

GPM just announced the launch of its website today, genericsarepowerful.org. The site features

  • All of GPM’s consumer education materials about generic drugs, in both English and Spanish.
  • GPM’s 8-minute consumer video on generics (see below)
  • A tool to look up 100 of the most common brand-name drugs, to find their generic equivalent
  • Links to other websites and resources on generics and saving money on prescription drugs. 

Here’s GPM’s video, featuring Dr. Jerry Avorn, a pharmacist and three consumers talking about how generic drugs have enabled them to afford their medications:

The site also allows visitors to see if their drug is available as a generic and to connect to various pharmacies offering discounted generics.

Is Your Drug Available As a Generic?