Massachusetts’ health reform law generated a great deal of attention during the debate on national health reform. As implementation of the new law moves forward, Massachusetts reform continues to remain in the spotlight, but not always in a good way. Affordable Care Act opponents have made the Massachusetts law their bogeyman in attacks on national reform, often grossly misrepresenting the facts and largely ignoring the law’s success and popularity with Bay State residents. Indeed, there has been much said and written about Massachusetts reform that just doesn’t reflect reality.

The good news is the truth squad has arrived. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts has launched an excellent online resource dedicated entirely to Massachusetts health reform—offering the most thorough and accurate picture to-date of what the state’s groundbreaking health reform law does, how it is working, and what still remains to be done.

Key topics include:

— The Massachusetts Law and its History — Health Reform Implementation — Health Reform Results — Financing Massachusetts Reform — Health Reform 2.0: Cost and Quality — Lessons from the Massachusetts Experience — How National Reform Affects Massachusetts

We encourage Hub readers to check out the new site replete with helpful resources such as reports, data sources and analyses – and even videos. Its valuable insights into the lessons of Massachusetts reform are of great interest to us all as we work to implement the ACA in our states and communities.

– Kathy Melley Director of Communications