New Rap Song Takes Aim at Pharmaceuticals

A new song called Pillagers by New Jersey rappers Sudden Death pokes fun at the pharmaceutical industry. The song spoofs the constant barrage of advertisements for new drugs and contains a mock ad for a fictional product called Liquiplox. The song quickly became a number one hit on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show.

Hardyston, NJ, July 21, 2007 –(– A new song by New Jersey rap group Sudden Death takes aim and fires at drug companies and their seemingly endless barrage of new products. The song, called Pillagers, tells the story of a man who is taking about two dozen pills for things from flatulence to soft eyeballs and who has been told by his doctor that he must now take another pill for his mood swings. Meanwhile at the drug company the board of directors is brainstorming about new products they can sell to keep their stock price up because the projected $7 trillion in sales of their new product isn’t enough. The result is Liquiplox.

Liquiplox, much to the man’s relief, isn’t a pill. It’s a “liquid solution that relaxes the lining of your throat making it easier to take pills.” Of course this great product comes with a host of side effects which are told in rap form.

“Side effects include headache, runny nose, drowsiness and a rash/ a sugar high, bloating, and an absence of cash/ vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea/ and an overwhelming urge to buy a couch from Ikea.”

“I really had fun with the side effects,” says Tom Rockwell, author of the song and Sudden Death’s front man. “A lot of the things that are said are things that I’ve actually said to the television while mocking some of the drug commercials that I’ve seen.”

“Liquiplox isn’t for everyone. People without health insurance or who otherwise may be unable to pay should not take Liquiplox,” the song says. “Do not stop taking any of your other medications without consulting your doctor as this may cause an unsafe drop in our profit margins.”

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