Today’s New York Daily News features a great article on the promise and pitfalls of GlaxoSmithKline’s over-the-counter weight loss drug, Alli, (“Don’t Swallow the Hype,” by Julian Kesner) which is due to launch on Friday.

Of course, we like the article because it makes mention of the Bitter Pill Award which PAL gave to GSK last week, the “With Allies Like this, Who Needs Enemas?” Award. But more importantly, the article makes some vital points about this drug, including the following excerpts:

  • “The Alli literature also repeatedly includes this mantra: ‘Alli requires eating reduced-calorie, low-fat meals and physical activity.’ Funny – isn’t that what you’re already supposed to do to lose weight?”
  • “Yes, that $50 bottle is just a new name and look for a drug that has already been rejected by countless doctors and patients. Going OTC is an attempt to boost profits for a lackluster drug.”

The article then lists four weight loss alternatives that cost less than alli’s $50 a month price tag — including gym memberships, dance classes, portion control bowls and personal trainers.