Last week, the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act—an amazing victory for all Americans.

While it was a long-awaited decision, advocates didn’t sit on their hands. They did what they do best – they organized. Thursday, Friday and over the weekend, health advocates across the country took to the streets, airwaves, print media, Twitter and steps of state houses to celebrate the ruling and let people know what the ACA means for them. There so many different events and activities happening we cannot even keep track!

Here are a few highlights:

The ruling assures that the ACA can and will continue to benefit millions of people across the country. We want to thank all of our partners who work tirelessly every day for the people in their states and communities and across the country. We hope in between all of the organizing, people can take a break and celebrate before getting back to work to continue down the path toward affordable, quality health care.

 — Reena Singh, Associate Director, State Consumer Health Advocacy