This week marks the six month milestone of the passage of the Affordable Care Act. This is the first in a series of posts on the benefits of the law for the public.

It’s almost Sept. 23 – the six month milestone of the Affordable Care Act, and state advocates are out in full force, educating the public about the law, and what the Patient’s Bill of Rights will mean for people in their communities.

After their tireless work to represent consumers during the health reform debate, state consumer health advocates continue to impress and inspire us with their fall public education activities, including:

•    Advocates in Pennsylvania who are training their supporters to talk to their neighbors and communities, giving concerned citizens an active role to play. •    Minnesota advocates will hold a “farewell” party to say goodbye to lifetime limits on coverage and denying insurance coverage when consumers need it most. •    Advocates in Illinois, Utah, North Carolina and California are using Twitter, Facebook, blogs and online videos to educate people about the ACA and share stories from consumers. •    Across the country, advocates are going ‘back to school,’ hitting college campuses to let students know they can now be covered on their parents’ insurance even after college. Many are teaming up with the Young Invincibles or PIRG to host events. •    Ohio advocates are meeting with older adults to talk about how the ACA will benefit them.

Passage of ACA was historic, and its promise will be realized through the efforts of advocates across the country. They are using the Sept. 23 milestone to invigorate public education efforts. They know that on and around Sept. 23 there will be a lot of buzz from the media, policy wonks and elected officials, but the most important audience is the individuals and families who want to know what the ACA means for them.

— Reena Singh, Field Coordinator