Community Catalyst’s “Insider” is much in demand this week, traveling from one end of the country to the other to provide policy insights on children’s health (at the New England Children’s Health Summit in New Hampshire) and health reform implementation at the state level (at Utah Health Policy Project’s annual conference). While next week Hub readers can expect a robust Insider chock-full of analysis of the implications of the election on the ACA, today we’d like to steer you to some of the Insider’s must-read recommendations:

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1. Myth-busting around the ACA: Saturday’s New York Times editorial does an excellent job of dispelling many of the myths and untruths about the new health law that have reared their ugly head during this election season.

2. Rebutting a myth in the making: An excellent retort to claims by Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen (and others) that the ACA will cause employers to drop coverage, written by Adam Searing, Director of the Health Access Coalition at the North Carolina Health Justice Center. (This is a two-parter; the second blog links to the first.)

3. Beyond the political rhetoric – why the ACA matters to Floridians: An outstanding “what it means on the ground” op-ed from Laura Goodhue, Executive Director of Florida CHAIN.

We encourage readers to share these with partner organizations, post them on websites and disseminate them via social media.

Happy Halloween!

— Kathy Melley, Director of Communications channeling Michael Miller, Policy Director

Photo credit: Empirically Grounded