PostScript, a blog from the Prescription Project, adds another dimension to the Project’s goal of raising awareness around the medical conflict-of-interest issues that are created when drug companies open their wallets to influence prescribing. The Prescription Project Weekly Reader, an e-newsletter that highlights relevant news stories of the week, will continue its regular circulation. You can sign up to receive the Weekly Reader at the Prescription Project website,, where you can also find project news, press releases and media resources, and information on upcoming events.  

If you’ve visited our website before or received the Weekly Reader, you know that RxP has a clear mission—to eliminate the influence of pharmaceutical money on the practice of medicine. Toward that end, PostScript will have a clear voice, too, commenting on recent news related to the project and contributing to the growing conversation in the media and blogosphere about pharmaceutical marketing and its harmful effects on health care in this country.  

But PostScript cannot just be a single voice.  Medical conflict of interest issues affect so many different people in as many ways. Therefore, we feel this blog should reflect those varied voices, acting from time to time as a forum for friends and colleagues of the project—patients and health care practitioners, workers and administrators who have seen first-hand the effects of pharmaceutical marketing on their work and treatment—to share their views.   

The blogosphere is deep and wide, and there are a few good blogs that thoroughly track the pharmaceutical and health care industries on a daily basis. We will not join them in daily posts, but hope you’ll visit some of the sites listed on our blogroll to the right—they are valuable voices in the conversation. And of course, we hope you will subscribe to PostScript via the RSS feed to the right, which will send an email each time there’s a new post.  Or bookmark the site. 

Either way, be sure to check back soon.