Today Community Catalyst launched a new section of our website, “Stories from the States: the Impact of the ACA Implementation Fund.”

Dedicated to showcasing the success state advocates have had in their work to ensure effective and consumer-focused implementation of the Affordable Care Act, “Stories from the States” is part of our ongoing commitment to raising the profile of consumer health advocacy and its positive impact on policy change. The states profiled on “Stories from the States” receive support from the Affordable Care Act Implementation Fund, which is led by Community Catalyst through the support of a unique collaboration of eight national philanthropic organizations.

Our goal in creating “Stories from the States” is to show advocates’ impact on key areas of ACA implementation, including educating the public about the law, building support for consumer-friendly state implementation among constituencies such as small business owners and communities of color, and working on new programs such as health insurance Exchanges.

Successful advocacy can take many forms – a reality we believe is reflected in these stories. Whether it is an intense organizing effort to pull off 53 community forums in Colorado, using video to highlight the experiences of small business owners in Florida, changing the conversation through the public comment process in Virginia or California’s work to shape the mission and vision of their state’s Exchange; advocates are constantly innovating and seeking new ways to get their message out. “Stories from the States” makes it possible for visitors to learn about these successful advocacy strategies, view photos and videos, and see how investing in consumer health advocacy strengthens the health system for everyone.

“Stories from the States” would not have been possible without the hard work of advocates in the states and the funding support from the ACA Implementation Fund partners. We are excited to share these stories of successful advocacy and look forward to providing more examples from more states in the coming months.

– Rob Restuccia, Executive Director