As members of Community Catalyst’s Vaccine Equity and Access Program (VEAP), a vital component to our collective success includes sharing and gathering community insights from one another. While challenges to each region and community can feel unique, many of these barriers are seen across community-based organizations (CBOs). Sharing solutions can aid in efforts to vaccinate people who are underserved and overlooked. To share real-world approaches to these barriers, the following CBOs discussed challenges they faced and solutions they deployed to address vaccine hesitancy, language barriers, misinformation, and other obstacles that hinder a shot towards a healthier, happier life.

Check out VEAP partners’ spotlights:

“Our key to success is being persistent and continuously being present despite the difficulty or barrier being faced with.”
Mark Wallace, MD, MPH, Chief Executive Officer, North Colorado Health Alliance

Mobile Clinic Success Stories

“Phone banking allowed our small team of three to educate and gather information from the Asian American community in a safe and efficient manner through one-on-one conversations.”
Ookyung Oh, Director of Hamkae Center

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