Two years ago, the Center for Community Engagement in Health Innovation set out to understand whether and how we could engage consumers with complex health and social needs and support them in becoming powerful voices in shaping delivery system reform.

Through the Consumer Voices for Innovation (CVI) program, the Center supported consumer advocacy organizations in several states to identify, organize and support consumer leaders, particularly people from low-income communities, people of color and/or older adults. We charged the advocates and leaders to influence delivery system reform efforts happening in their community or state to make these programs more person-centered. And, we provided them with funding and technical assistance to help them achieve their goals.

To evaluate the program, we contracted with the Institute for Community Health and found that our partner advocates — among other accomplishments — reached nearly 30,000 consumers, trained over 1,000 of those for leadership activities and that programs in every state incorporated changes recommended by consumers.

Those lessons will also guide our new, multi-year grant program — CVI 2.0 — which will build the voice of consumers to expand the role of the health system in addressing social determinants of health.

Learn more about the lessons and best practices learned around organizing consumers, particularly those with complex health and social needs, below: