Community Catalyst’s Center for Community Engagement in Health Innovation partnered with Rush University Medical Center’s Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP), CATCH-ON (Collaborative Action Team training for Community Health — Older adult Network), to develop a suite of consumer-facing, age-friendly “4M” materials.

The 4Ms are a framework first developed by the Institute for Health Improvement and The John A. Hartford Foundation as part of their Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative — an evidence-based approach to high quality care for older adults. They are: What Matters, Medication, Mind (or Mentation) and Mobility.

We developed the materials through a co-design process with older adults and family caregivers. These educational materials describe the 4Ms in language easily understood by older adults and family caregivers, and enable them to ask helpful questions at their doctors’ appointments in order to get the care they need and want.

Below are links to our project partners, our five GWEP partners, and a selection of related resources.

View and download our brochure and poster on the 4Ms, available in English and Spanish, for use in your community.

Project Partners

American Geriatrics Society Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program Coordinating Center (GWEP CC) 

With generous funding from The John A. Hartford Foundation

GWEP Partners  

CATCH-ON/Rush Medical Center
University of North Carolina
Baylor College of Medicine, Southeast Texas GWEP
BayState Health
Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing

Related Resources

Institute for Health Improvement Age Friendly Health System Initiative

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Rush Catch-On (program video)

What Does Age Friendly Care Mean to You (WebMD video)