Our oral health advocacy work is focused on creating a more equitable dental delivery system and supporting oral health policies that are grounded in principles of health equity and community engagement.

To better inform this work, over the past year the Dental Access Project has been working with oral health advocates and organizers across the country to better understand how they think about and incorporate principles of oral health equity and community engagement into their policy advocacy.

As a result of that work, we are excited to share our new Oral Health Policy Equity Tool, an interactive resource to help advocates, organizers, funders and other key stakeholders analyze policies and center oral health agenda-setting in the principles of equity and community engagement.

What’s inside

  • Six sections of guided questions, discussion prompts, and additional resources to inform policy agenda setting
  • Targeted questions focused on how various populations and marginalized groups will be affected by a policy, how inequities might be addressed, and how advocacy efforts are (or can be) following the lead of directly-impacted communities
  • Links to additional policy analysis tools and suggestions of where to consider integrating them with the equity analysis this tool offers
  • A follow-up survey, where users can share experiences, feedback and suggestions for future updates to the tool