Chelsea is cheerful and funny, with a bright smile that readily spreads across her face. Like other girls her age, she loves to sing, play sports and spend quality time with her family and friends. But Chelsea has unique needs that must be met before she can enjoy these activities, as she has several behavioral, sleep and medical disorders. Addressing her health comes first.

Chelsea is able to access the medications and therapeutic services she requires on a daily basis, thanks to her Medicaid coverage. Getting her health care covered is essential to maintaining her active lifestyle, and Chelsea relies on these services to be able to “learn, calm down, listen, participate and be active.” For an energetic and outgoing young girl who loves playing with friends and singing in her choir, accessing the medical care that allows her to stay safe and healthy during these activities is of utmost importance.

Medicaid coverage is key to Chelsea’s ability to thrive at school, with family and in her many other activities. Being happy and feeling good is what matters most to Chelsea, and managing her medical conditions allows her to access support and enjoy herself across her various endeavors.

Photo credit: Chad Case, courtesy of Idaho Voices for Children