Photo credit: Barry Guitierrez, courtesy of Colorado Consumer Health Initiative

For Mahi, a dedicated teacher and creator of 3D designs from Colorado, Medicaid coverage offers more than just medical care – it’s a community that makes her feel like she belongs. Reminders in the mail to visit her doctor, notices about health benefits and kind people on the phone helping with enrollment make her “feel cared for, protected and safe.” Being able to stay with the doctors and clinics she knows best and currently visits is important to Mahi, and the continuity of care provided by her Medicaid coverage is a comfort.

A trip to the doctor isn’t a concern like it may have been without Medicaid, and Mahi can now feel free to visit her providers when she needs to without worrying about the cost. Unlike before, she doesn’t have to feel guilty for spending money on medical care, saving her “emotional energy” for the more meaningful parts of her life.