Shannon, a dedicated mother of two, knows the struggle of paying for medical care. And, as a single parent of a child with several medical diagnoses who requires long-term care, this is especially true.

Between deductibles, premiums and co-pays, trying to care for her family’s “medically complicated” lives would prove to be a serious financial concern. Luckily, being enrolled in Medicaid eases some of this burden for Shannon and her family. Medicaid provides her son with hearing aids, dental care, surgeries and important medications, all of which would be difficult to attain without coverage.

Having Medicaid means Shannon doesn’t have to choose between financial hardship and assuring that all of her son’s needs are addressed. Instead, she can focus on being a steadfast mother to her family and advocate for “equity across all systems, for all.”

Shannon and her two children in their kitchen smiling.
Photo credit: Barry Guitierrez, courtesy of Colorado Consumer Health Initiative