“When me and my wife first got married, I was working in the mines,” Brandon said. “I had enough money that I got insurance through my company.” Yet Brandon and his wife still found themselves paying hundreds of dollars a month for co-pays and out-of-pocket costs.

Brandon’s family now relies on Medicaid for affordable health care.

“I currently myself don’t have Medicaid, but my family still does,” said Brandon. “And if it wasn’t for that I don’t know what we’d do, because my wife and my kid — they wouldn’t be able to go to the doctor and get their medicine that they need.”

While Brandon has insurance through his current employer, the co-pays often keep him from going to the doctor, he said.

“People could use [that] co-pay money to buy groceries, pay their bills, [get] gas — whatever they need,” Brandon said. “Medicaid is something that we need. We definitely have to have it.”

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