Community Solutions for Health Equity (CSHE) is a project of Community Catalyst which aims to make local health systems more responsive and accountable to the needs of the communities they serve.

We proudly partner with 11 organizations across the country to uplift the experiences, stories, culture, and priorities of people who are hurt by racism and other forms of discrimination in our health system. These community-based organizations and advocates bring a deep understanding of how to take on these challenges, but racism, bias, and other forms of discrimination has often shut them out of the policymaking process.

As part of the CSHE project, we partner with community-based organizations to foster reciprocal relationships, sharing resources to build even more community power and partnerships, organize members, and develop effective communication strategies.

The long-term goal is for partners to identify and assess the unique challenges of their local health systems, and to examine the policy changes and steps needed for policy change. Partners will also develop strategic campaigns to drive their community’s health agenda for the future—with an eye towards changing the prioritized policies as they have been identified.

“We enter the space of the CSHE community as both a student and a teacher. We celebrate our differences and our cultures and cultural perspectives. We take time to stop and pause to think about the next steps that are important to create true transformation.”
Karla Walker, CSHE program director