The Community Solutions for Health Equity (CSHE) program aims to uplift the experiences, stories, culture, and priorities of people who are hurt by racism and other forms of discrimination in our health system. For four years, Community Catalyst proudly served as the incubating program office of CSHE – fostering the program’s growth in both exciting and unexpected ways.

In the Fall of 2023, Community Catalyst supported the transition of the CSHE national program office to the Cultural Wellness Center, enabling the program to further ground itself in community connection, spirituality, and healing – which have emerged as hallmarks of the program.

Community Catalyst and the many advisors and guides to the program continue to work closely together to foster reciprocal relationships – sharing resources to build even more community power and partnerships, organize members, and develop effective communication strategies. Community Catalyst is proud to continue its partnership with the Cultural Wellness Center, the CSHE program, and the 11 community-based partners to foster a richer, broader, and more expansive movement to achieve widespread, meaningful, and lasting change.

“We enter the space of the CSHE community as both a student and a teacher. We celebrate our differences and our cultures and cultural perspectives. We take time to stop and pause to think about the next steps that are important to create true transformation.”
Karla Walker, CSHE program director

Learn more about the Cultural Wellness Center here.