Voices for Health Justice, a coalition-led program, shares resources with organizations committed to health justice, racial justice, and anti-racism to increase access and affordability in health care. By bringing community voices to the table—and equipping them with financial, networking, technical, and other resources—we are collectively reforming our health system on a local, state, and national level into one that treats every person with dignity.

As program lead, Community Catalyst collaborates closely with two other organizations, Community Change and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Together, we shape the program’s direction and strategy as well as make decisions about special resource sharing opportunities. We also staff each project with technical assistance providers, and provide program-wide technical assistance through webinars and other vehicles. Partner organizations in the larger coalition work to organize community members, build local leaders, identify community priorities, and advocate for policies driving towards health justice.

Based on Community Catalyst’s system of advocacy, each partner organization project emphasizes building community power to demand and secure health system policy changes at every level, from local and state to federal.

Overall, we work with more than 100 partner organizations in 24 states across the country as part of this effort—creating a shared national network. Partners say that being part of this project has helped them to combine and scale their organizing and policy work, foster new relationships with other partners, and grow their capacity for state coalitions.