BOSTON, MA – Statement of Robert Restuccia, executive director of Community Catalyst, in response to the Affordable Care Act repeal bill released tonight by Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans.

“Tonight, House Republicans released their so-called replacement bill, which would repeal broad swaths of the Affordable Care Act and make radical and harmful changes to Medicaid that would result in millions of people losing their health care.

“The proposals in this long-delayed bill are terrible for consumers. They would substantially decrease financial assistance for low- and middle-income consumers, making coverage less affordable. The GOP bill undermines the financial stability of the Medicare program and it reneges on longstanding federal commitments to states and to low-income children and families, seniors and people with disabilities. It makes these harmful changes to our health care system in order to finance tax breaks that overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy and big drug and insurance corporations.

“One of the most troubling aspects of this bill is its devastating impact on low-income people and those who struggle with substance use disorders for whom coverage under Medicaid has been a lifeline. The GOP bill would radically undermine our nation’s efforts to combat the opioid epidemic. By repealing requirements for comprehensive coverage, it is a giant step backward in treating mental illness and substance use disorders.

“It’s no wonder the bill’s drafters kept the content a secret as long as possible. It flies in the face of what the American people want. Recent public opinion polling shows Americans are looking to Congress and President Trump to improve upon the gains made under the ACA, not work to dismantle them. Unfortunately, the GOP bill does just that.

“Republicans are ignoring their constituents, who have called and written letters, rallied by the thousands and confronted their leaders at town halls to make their voices heard. They are recklessly moving ahead with a plan that would make working families and the most vulnerable Americans pay more for less, stripping away health coverage from 30 million people and raising health costs for millions more, in order to finance tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.”


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