BOSTON, MAStatement of Robert Restuccia, executive director of Community Catalyst, in response to the votes today by the House Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce committees to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“House Republicans on the Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means’ committees have just advanced a health care bill that is a disaster for working families and a boon to the wealthiest Americans and big insurance and medical device companies who would benefit from huge tax breaks. Contrary to what Republicans and President Trump have long promised, the American Health Care Act would make Americans pay more and get less.

“The bill that came out of committee would strip health care coverage from millions of people, increase health care costs for millions more – particularly seniors, who could be forced to pay five times more than younger people for their coverage. Particularly troubling are the radical and harmful changes the bill would make to Medicaid that renege on the longstanding federal commitment to people with disabilities, children, seniors, and states, which will lose billions in funding and be forced to make steep cuts in essential services. The bill also undermines the financial stability of the Medicare program by cutting funds now dedicated to Medicare in order to provide tax cuts to those at the top of the income pyramid.

“We are not alone in our criticism of this bill. In addition to dozens of consumer groups, those who know health care the best – physicians, nurses, hospitals, health care leaders and experts across the political spectrum – have expressed their opposition to the bill and warned of its negative impact on consumers and the health care system. Most importantly, consumers themselves have made their concerns clear through almost non-stop phone calls and letters to Congress, and in rallies and town halls throughout the country.

“We urge members of Congress to listen to their constituents. It’s time put the needs, wishes and well-being of patients at the heart of health reform instead of using health care reform as a smokescreen for a giveaway to big corporations and the wealthy.”


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