BOSTON, MA Statement of Robert Restuccia, executive director of Community Catalyst, in response to the replacement plan released today by Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans.

“House Republicans today released the latest in a long line of vague proposals that fall short of being an Affordable Care Act ‘replacement’ plan. Though they’ve had almost seven years since the law was passed, Republicans in Congress have been unable to reach consensus on an alternative to the ACA. 

“The latest GOP ‘plan’ would be terrible for consumers. It includes a decrease in tax credits, an expansion of health savings accounts that benefit the wealthy, and money for failed high-risk pools to take care of the sick. While the plan lacks many essential details, it is clear that Republicans’ overarching goal is to increase taxes and cut benefits for working families while shifting costs onto states and health care providers.

“The ‘plan’ also proposes a radical restructuring of Medicaid that will hurt seniors, children, low- and middle-income families and people living with disabilities. It also effectively ends Medicaid expansion by repealing the extra funding available to states that closed the coverage gap.

“Today’s ‘repeal’ plan – once again – includes more empty rhetoric than concrete policy details, making it difficult for consumers, providers and states to understand the potential impact. However, similar proposals have been known to greatly increase the federal budget deficit over the next decade, reversing gains made since implementation of the ACA.

“President Trump and congressional Republicans should listen to the American people, their constituents, who have rallied by the thousands and poured into town halls to make their voices heard. The American people are looking to their leaders to protect health care and work to improve, not destroy, the Affordable Care Act. Instead they are continuing with their plan to take health care away from 30 million people and raise health costs for millions more.”


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