Statement of Robert Restuccia, Executive Director of Community Catalyst, on today’s Supreme Court decision on King v. Burwell that affirms tax credits are available to consumers who purchase insurance through the federal marketplace

(BOSTON) –  “Today’s Supreme Court decision on King v. Burwell upholding the tax credits in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a monumental victory for consumers and a strong endorsement of the law. It means that more than eight million people will not lose their health insurance.

“This was a meritless, politically-motivated case that challenged the legality of tax credits for Americans who buy their insurance through the federal marketplace because the state they live in opted not to establish a state marketplace. The ruling reaffirms what we already know — the intent of the ACA was for tax credits to be available to all who qualify, regardless of whether they purchase their insurance through a state or federally facilitated marketplace.

“As an organization that works to build consumer participation in our health system, we share the relief of millions of individuals, like breast cancer survivor Maria Moss, who won’t have to worry about losing tax credits to help pay for necessary medical care. Prior to gaining care through the ACA, Maria was depleting her retirement savings to pay $1,000 a month in premiums in order to get life-saving breast cancer treatment. Thanks to tax credits and a comprehensive, affordable plan offered through the ACA, Maria is able to continue monitoring services at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Austin, Texas.

“This decision should also signal the end to pointless time-wasting efforts to undermine the law. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, we have witnessed a non-stop campaign to impede the law and its promise of providing quality, affordable health care to millions of people. With today’s ruling, the case is closed: ACA opponents must stop fighting against affordable health care for working families. New polling shows that a majority of Americans support the ACA. They don’t want to bring back pre-existing condition exclusions, policies with annual or lifetime coverage limits that put consumers at financial risk, and sky-high premiums for people who are sick. They don’t want to deny tax credits to people who don’t have access to employer-sponsored health insurance.

“It’s time for our leaders in Congress and in the states to fully implement all aspects of the law and turn their attention to further improving our health care system.  It’s time to build on the foundation of the Affordable Care Act to make sure everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.

“The ACA is an important step forward in improving access to affordable care and protecting consumers from discriminatory insurer practices, and the court’s ruling assures it can and will continue to benefit millions of people across the country.”


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