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Do you want to be a force within your organization to catalyze the organizational change needed to reshape the nation’s health system? Apply now!

We are now accepting applications from local, state, and national health advocates dedicated to pursuing a specific organizational transformation and deepening their practice toward race equity and health justice.  

Applications will be accepted until 5 PM EST on March 25, 2024. 

Please note there is one application form for your organization and a separate one for each of the three fellowship team members applying. 

Reflections from 2022-2023 Restuccia Health Justice Graduates
Program Overview
“The Fellowship is a distillation of how Community Catalyst works in partnership to build power with communities with an emphasis on shared learning & building strategies together that will advance health justice.”
– Emily Stewart
Program Overview

The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship (The Fellowship) is a program dedicated to supporting the growth and reach of diverse advocacy organizations and their leadership teams situated at the intersection of race equity, health justice, and organizational transformation. It honors the legacy and vision of Rob Restuccia, Community Catalyst’s longtime and founding executive director. 

At Community Catalyst, we have always believed that investing in community leadership is essential to progress. The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship is designed to deepen that commitment, with an emphasis on supporting systemically excluded communities. To date, 22 Fellows from all regions of the country have graduated from the program

Fellowship Benefits & Culture
Fellowship Culture

“Restuccia Culture” is built on 3 core values that are intentionally woven through the Fellowship experience: 

  • Authenticity (show up as you are)  
  • Wellness (self-care, collective care, and healing justice) 
  • Community connection (peer-to-peer fellowship community built on trust)
2023 Restuccia Health Justice Fellows gather in New York for fellowship graduation event.
Fellowship Benefits

Selected organizations and teams will receive the following benefits:

  • An award of $50,000 to each selected organization for general operating cost to be used over 12 months to defray the costs of staff participation and/or to fund the organizational transformation.
  • Individual and team leadership, leadership coaching, and thought partnership from seasoned experts/advocates valued at over $30,000.
  • Organizational assessments tied to their organizational transformation and race equity.
  • Training and learning with top experts in organizational change management, health systems, policy advocacy and organizing, race equity, health justice, storytelling, collective care and healing, and leadership development.
  • Membership in a peer cohort and alumni community with other outstanding health advocates.
  • An expanded professional network to turn to for support and resources into the future. Through workshop presenters, community catalyst staff and partners, and strategic mentors, Fellows and alumni are part of an expansive network with prominent health justice experts and leaders.
  • Increased public profile through networking opportunities and Fellowship communications.
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Join us with other health justice leaders to find the peer community, skills, and inspiration to refuel and catalyze change!

There is a critical need for leadership programs designed for leaders from systemically excluded communities — programs that hold intentional spaces for radical self-care, healing, and safety — within frameworks that promote community and vulnerability.  

As part of your application, teams will need to submit at least one proposal for an organizational transformation goal they wish to pursue through the Fellowship, rooted in the Fellowship’s four guiding principles:

We invite all advocates working at the intersection of race equity and health justice to apply, though applications from systemically excluded communities will be prioritized.

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